Skribisto means “Writer” in Esperanto.

Note: striked text means that the feature is not yet implemented.

For writers

  • Distraction-free
  • Option: vertically centered text cursor
  • Quick view of the end of the previous text
  • Dedicated note for each items (called Outline)
  • Scrollbar representing the scaled-down text, highlighting dialogs and mistakes
  • Project overview
  • Overview with cards
  • Integration with Druide Antidote™ grammatical checker and dictionary
  • Merge / Duplicate a text


  • Can be used as a hierarchical notepad
  • Create new notes from any item
  • Link any item to another
  • Quick note creation
  • Tag search
  • Whiteboard item to draw and write anywhere in the view (think OneNote)
  • Save versions of an item and navigate between these versions
  • Text templates


  • Spellcheck
  • Search / Replace in text
  • Project-wide user dictionaries
  • Rich text edition
  • Examples
  • Advanced Search / Replace
  • Project templates


  • Auto save
  • Backup system
  • Backup to multiple paths
  • Daily backups
  • Save in an open format : SQLite files can be opened by other software (ex: SQLite Studio)
  • Texts stored in the file are basic HTML

Writing helpers

  • Sections to set logic book parts
  • Writing games, like a typewriter-like game forbidding deletion of text
  • Dan Harmon’s story circle
  • Larry Brooks’ story structure


  • Word/Character count of items
  • Word/Character count goals of items
  • Project-wide word/character goal with a calendar
  • Daily advancement report


  • Adapted to all screen sizes
  • Multiple windows
  • Up to four view for each window
  • Multiple projects can be opened at the same time


  • Day/Night themes
  • Distraction-free themes
  • Easy theme management
  • Create your own theme


  • More than 10 languages
  • Easily translated
  • Missing dictionaries can be downloaded


  • Adapted to touch interactions

E-Ink screens ready

Yes, I’m using one…

  • Option: Disabling animations
  • Option: Make the cursor unblinking
  • High-contrast theme

Pencil ready

  • Adapted to pencils

Export to

  • PDF
  • Open Document (.odt)
  • Plain text
  • Markdown
  • Printer

Import from

  • Plume Creator projects


  • Heavy use of plug-ins
  • Plug-in management
  • Easier for new developers to add a feature

7 thoughts on “Skribisto

  • Kim

    Hello. I’ve been messing with this app for a couple of days now. Very happy I stumbled across it. It is the perfect balance between Scrivener and Storyist for me. I was able to move all my files and research to it without much fuss.
    There are only 2 things I would ask for you to consider.

    1. The app crashes when reorganizing the order of folders/files. This is not a huge issue. Just wanted to let you know. It seems stable enough with everything else.

    2. Might you consider adding a single-click option to open text files? It would feel more streamlined when jumping between files to check the outline.

    Other than that, thank you for developing the last and only tool that kept me from moving entirely to Linux.

    Running Manjaro Plasma 5.26

    • Hello,

      Thank you for liking this little piece of software. If you find bugs, I enjoin you to create an issue here. We can also chat on Skribisto’s Discord.

      A whole new UI is in the finishing state, so it fixed crashes while organizing navigation items.

      Single clicking to open the item isn’t the standard, since it conflicts with the “select, drag and drop”. Meaning, you would open an item each time you want to organize. But, as you said, it can be an option (yet, not the default behavior).

      Kind regards,

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